Diwali Love

Diwali is the Indian new year. It is the biggest holiday celebrated in India. It celebrates the complete victory of good over evil. This celebration is celebrated with joyous gaiety by millions of Indians throughout the world. It marks the start of the New Year on the last Friday of the autumn and lasts until the first day of spring in March. It’s a colorful celebration and marks the start of the new year. It’s also one of the most auspicious festivals of India.

It’s an Indian holiday celebrated during the month of November and the first week of the new year in India. It falls under November or December each year. Its not fixed dates and varies every year. It’s celebrated by giving sweets to the god Brahma. This is believed to bring good luck to the person who receives it.

Diwali for Hindus is different from other holidays in India. The festival is a unique one. It’s celebrated to honor and praise the lord Brahma. Hindus believe that Lord Brahma created the universe and was responsible for the creation of everything.

There are many gods for Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma to worship. They have temples, shrines, and their own followers who attend their prayers. When they receive gifts from god on Diwali, they are said to be blessed.

The first day of Diwali is always known as ‘Dussehra’. The second day is known as ‘Vijay Dashami’ and is called as the full moon day in the Hindu calendar. A major part of the festivities is lighting the Diyas or open fire pits, which is done in front of the temple. The third day is the ‘Lohasthang’, which is the day when Lord Shiva leaves his house and enters the Siva temple for his worship. to his devotees who wait for him.

If you have been invited to celebrate Diwali, then here are some ideas on how to celebrate it successfully. There is no need for you to go to a hotel or a bungalow to get married during the day because it’s a private event. Just dress up in your best and enjoy!

First of all, light the Diyas with a good luck charm. You can place a piece of cloth or anything that symbolizes the Lord Brahma. And if you want to make your own Diyas, then just wrap them with cotton or silk and tie them around the fire pit.

Before the main day, you can decorate your home with fresh flowers, colorful colors, ornaments, and posters. And after the main festivities, you can prepare the food in the kitchen. Soak the rice in water and use sweeten it with honey. Use the sweetened rice for the sweets.

The family and friends can also add a good luck charm to the door handles, windows, and the door posts. You can have small pots or candies placed at different places on the house. In the evening, you can have prayers to Lord Brahma. As a family, have dinner together and sing a song to share the joy.

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